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A different Lullaby
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NaNa is a Dance Theater show in which two figures seek the dream in very different and abstract ways. Through physical actions, it rescues an imaginary of the movement that transports us to childhood and opens a door to the fantastic world of dreams.

In NaNa, the interests of its two protagonists meet, crash, oppose and drag. They are flooded by sleep, by cushions and by the need of the other's company. Through the physical game they will resolve their differences.


Lenght: 35' Aprox.
Direction and choreography: Paula Carmona and Teresa Martín
Assistant Director: Anaïta Pourchot
Dancers: Paula Carmona and Teresa Martín
Staging: Proyecto NaNa
Light Designer: Mª Victoria Rosa

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Emotions and Poetry
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Three women ... Three arrivals ... Three departures ... The same train for all: dance. In the journey of life, all the crosses define us, everything that we travel, also travel through us, shapes us and builds us. TrenATreS is the suspension of an instant in time, a fortuitous encounter, a moment of beauty in which three stories meet and are recognized by contact with each other.

Three peculiar character that through the movement offer us the possibility of snooping inside their lives, their desires and follies. A ticket open to the illusion of finding on the platform of the station what you were really waiting for.

A show that breaks down barriers and brings the scene closer to the urban space, streets and squares, making the Contemporary Dance accessible to all: an art that inspires for its sincerity and strength.

Project NaNa Danza opens its imaginary and invites you to discover, understand and appreciate this art so close, easy and alive.


Length: 40'
Direction and choreography: Paula Carmona, Anaïta Pouchot and Helena Martos
Assistant Director: Carmela Acuyo
Dancers: Paula Carmona, Anaïta Pouchot and Teresa Martín-Sauceda
Soundtrack: Quentin
Set Creation: Atelier Kolia
Photography: Alain Scherer

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Curra y Lola
The History of One Dance
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Curra loves to dance more than anything else in the world and she is eager to share her favourite hobby with everyone. Lola is a Flamenco doll that once activated only wants to dance.
The setting is the playing area for both, where through collaboration they offer us their best show.

The combination of flamenco and contemporary dance in the piece invites us to reflect on competition versus cooperation, a contradiction that is inherent to the nature of all species.


Length: 35' - 40'
Idea: Proyecto NaNa
Direction: Teresa Martín-Sauceda
Theatrical Direction: Alejandro Conesa

Coreography: Alba Olmedo and Teresa Martín-Sauceda
Dancers: Teresa Martín-Sauceda and Alba Olmedo
Soundtrack (authors) : Isaac Albéniz, Francisco Tárrega, Manuel de Falla and Moraíto.

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What do you need?
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"Ilda ..." is the latest work by Teresa Martín Sauceda. A character that provokes a reflection on the basic needs of the human being. A "homeless" who brought to the scene tells her story. Through it we review our thoughts about freedom and the need for affection and fondness, inherent in survival and health..

Ilda is tender ... It has been created to wander through public spaces with Her own music. She relates directly to people and shares her peculiar point of view about our world ... She seeks, and tries to get only what she needs (or feels like) to live. She likes to play and dance in the parades ...
"Ilda ... what do you need?"  is a theater dance performance, with a version for theater or street, aimed at all audiences. With an approximate duration of 35 minutes. It offers us a primary vision of our world and our scale of values through the eyes of her protagonist. Ilda honestly approaches the consumer society and asks us directly about happiness ... "What do you need? "


Length: 35' Aprox.
Dramaturgy: Teresa Martín-Sauceda
Direction: Alicia Pilarte y Marc Torrents
Choreography: Teresa Martín-Sauceda
Dancer: Teresa Martín-Sauceda
Staging: Irene Gómez

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